Introducing LymeStop... a dramatic breakthrough in the
evaluation and treatment of Lyme Disease.

Based on an Idaho doctor’s important discovery, this revolutionary therapy has been a Godsend for many who have suffered with this debilitating disease.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed — or have already “tried everything" — we urge you to experience the extraordinary healing power of LymeStop.



Safe, effective, all-natural

Treatments can be completed
       in just 3 days

Ideal for both Adult and
       Pediatric Lyme patients

Symptomatic Improvement
       within 3 months is common

Does not require expensive
       Blood or other Lab Tests

LymeStop is provided by Dynamic Health, a Private Membership Healthcare Association.  A Private Membership Association (PMA) is any kind of business or group where services and participation are limited to members only -- and not open to the general public. A Private Membership Association establishes its own guidelines of operation that are agreed upon by all joining members. Because of the government-run healthcare system, this change is necessary to protect our freedom of choice. Specifically, it protects our right to continue to provide holistic alternative healthcare, and your right to receive our services without restriction. Unfortunately, it had become difficult for us to practice Dr. Smith’s proprietary techniques without government interference. A Private Membership Association protects our freedom of choice and association as stated in the 1st and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. You will be asked to review and sign a Membership Agreement. Membership dues are a legal requirement to join a Private Membership Association. We have chosen a fee of only $10.00 for a lifetime membership. The Association does not bill insurance for services rendered. It also does not provide reports, treatment plans or diagnostic coding for the purposes of insurance reimbursement. Our Private Membership Association gives us the constitutional right to gather in private, and practice and receive the type of health care that we choose.